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"The Duesseldorf Symphony Orchestra under the baton of the vigilant Till Fabian Weser... Not only the music was cool and relaxed, but also the members of the symphony orchestra, who played in a liberated and laid-back manner. It was in this unperturbed atmosphere ... that syncopic blowers’ movements, solo purflings as well as the presentation of the original classical parts seemed to give no trouble whatsoever."
Rheinische Post

"What Till F. Weser and his partners have achieved over the last weeks is hard to believe and cannot be appraised high enough: They have formed an inspiring, very homogeneous and at the same time highly individual ensemble of singers and instrumentalists! Whoever was lucky enough to experience the musicians more than once will find it difficult to say goodbye to such a unique orchestral sound."
Fraenkischer Tag

"An expert conductor, who knew what he wanted: He merged his movements’ springing elegance with a precise, unsquiggled conducting technique."
Ost-Thüringer Zeitung

"...the conductor Till Fabian Weser kept the orchestra in a perfect state of dynamic balance at all times. Rhythmic tricks and emphases were exerted brought to bear and the Chamber Academy was able to show its best side."

"...a powerful and dynamically sophisticated Bamberg Symphony Big Band conducted by Till Fabian Weser..."
Neue Luzerner Zeitung

"I was enthused by his theories on the bringing together of varying styles of music in the composition of his programme."
Adam Fischer

"Till Fabian Weser, an inventive programmer and experienced conductor in a wide range of styles – I salute this man and his musical ambitions and visions"
Markus Stockhausen

"The Transit Orchestra is a very convincing project to bring the two worlds - classical music and Jazz - together. The way how the young conductor Till Fabian Weser handles the musicians and the music is very refreshing"
Kenny Wheeler



Interview with Helga Bittner (Neuss-Grevenbroich-Zeitung)

"…I understand music to be a language that I strive to render with the utmost authenticity...“



Interview with Elisabeth von Leliwa (Tonhalle Düsseldorf)

"…It was our idea to create a new focus within the various groups – with the emphasis on new music, jazz, and old music. Those are the three pillars that I believe can describe the entire history and present of our occidental music...“